Instagram Email Scraper | Boost Email ROI by 700%

Why B2C Brands DESPERATELY Need Instagram Email Scrapers

Reference to why I didn’t get a 2x because I didn’t used an Instagram email scraper when starting my campaign.
The key for getting personal contact data has been Instagram email extractor tools.

The early days of the Instagram email scraper (me visiting profiles 1 by 1)

Some of the results from using email addresses scraped from Instagram followers.

How to Build an Instagram scraper tool (aka the coding part & Github)

The moment I realized that an Instagram scraper tool will give me thousands of relevant leads.

Revenue goals smashed by our Instagram scraper + Cold Outreach — Time to pivot?

How to scrape Instagram emails: Build your own Instagram Email Scraper vs Buying Data from us

  1. If you have a very early-stage startup and have a developer in-house that can build this — go for it. You don’t need to reach a scale of scraping 5 million profiles per day. Heck, I even started scraping emails from Instagram by hand so you can do it too. If you decide to build an Instagram email scraper here are my suggestions:
  • Use a python library (any really from git) I have found some good PHP repos too but I’d go with Python.
  • Find great sources for scraping Instagram — This should be followers of a given account, locations, or hashtags. Pick the ones that are very specific to your business.
  • Use aged Instagram profiles and have phone numbers that you can validate them with otherwise you’ll lose them almost immediately. Do NOT use your personal profile for extracting emails.
  • Validate your emails — About 15% of your emails will be either spam traps, catch-all emails, or invalid. If your email server ie Google sees that you just send random blasts to invalid emails, you’ll end up in spam and never get out of it.

How to scrape Instagram followers, locations, or hashtags

  • Females that are going to high-end gyms in a specific location (US)
  • Men that are followers of women’s underwear pages, have below 10 000 followers and don’t have a business email listed in their profile
  • All users that have cross-fit hashtags or keywords in their bio, links to YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, or Facebook and fall within the “fitness trainer” category




Get targeted emails from Instagram at

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Xavier Besseau

Get targeted emails from Instagram at

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